Visit Our Facilities at Acacia Academy

Students in all classes benefit from access to the resources of the web through our high speed internet network. Our computer lab provides students with the opportunity to learn and develop their computer skills on everything from office applications to still-image and video editing. Complementing these resources are extensive collections of print, audio, and video materials, as well as a large musical instrument collection that allows all students to experience hands-on exploration of the guitar, dulcimer, banjo, bass, autoharp, mandolin, and other stringed and percussion instruments from around the word.

Our grounds feature two and one-half acres of wooded lands highlighted by our Nature Center that is a Certified Wildlife Habitat, enclosed recreational areas including a student-designed and constructed miniature golf course, picnic areas, and a three-season gazebo, all designed to ensure that no students ever suffer from “nature-deficit disorder”. In addition to these on-site facilities, we also enjoy easy access to many nearby facilities for recreational and educational purposes. The wealth of educational and cultural opportunities of the Chicagoland metropolitan area are only a short ride away.

Smart Boards

  • Interactive white boards motivate students’ learning
  • Interactive by touch so students can manipulate objects on the SMART Board
  • Accommodate different learning styles
  • Teachers can use multi-media resources and the internet with an entire class
  • SMART boards are used for ACT/SAT courses, reading, math, writing, history, geography, and science
  • SMART Responders (remote device) allow students to answer questions and complete assessments from the SMART board

Nobi Convertible Classmate PC

  • Nobi Convertible is a mobile PC designed to meet the unique learning needs of students
  • Student Tablet PC / Laptop / Notebook Computer
  • Designed for use with keyboard or as tablet
  • Palm Rejection Technology so students can rest their hands & maintain proper writing form
  • Navigate through applications using only your finger or stylus, create and watch documents, sketch objects and scenes, and collaborate with other students using the built-in webcam and microphone

The Kindle Fire Tablet

  • Mini tablet computers and portable e-readers.
  • Students benefit from educational software for reading improvement, phonics, mathematics and comprehension
  • Highly interactive device that appeals to all learning styles, improves fine motor
  • skills, and increases one’s ability to focus


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